About Us

Pastor Anthony and Doris Emmanuel

Have been mandated by God to reach out to the world and build marriages, relationships and homes after God’s kind. The couple got married on May 2nd 2010 in London United Kingdom and has three lovely kids (twin boys and a girl) Ryan-Temi, Ian-Timi and Elly-Praise. Coming from two different nationalities and ethnic origins, the Lord has made them victorious on every challenging situation any marriage can face and today they want to share their experience with others and to testify that indeed Jesus can transform any marital challenge, marital breakdown, marital mess in to a marriage after God’s kind.

Why Now

On the 1st of May 2017, the Lord revealed how much marriages and homes are challenged by Satan with loads of deceit permeating relationships. He uncovered what is going on beneath what seems a perfect marriage and homes. He showed uncountable men and women crying and struggling to live together in unity. He showed how busy the devil is and the big smile on its face. God said, “it was not like this when I decided to take a rib off Adam to make a woman and formed a union that is called marriage today”. He said but an end has come henceforth to this decay and stronghold of devil over unions across the world. He declared “enough is enough” and asked if I am ready to play a part in the restoration and building. At that stage I was overwhelmed with compassion but saw lots of other sons and daughters of Zion on the field for same assignment. I pointed to them but before I could utter a word, God said everyone has a different role and as I nodded my head in agreement to embark on the assignment I saw my wife by my side as if she was there all along. God smiled at us and immediately His fire engulfed everywhere. It is this fire we want to spread to every union and the fire to continue to burn, bringing forth diverse testimonies to everyone that has contact with the ministry. The following day my wife phoned from work to say how it was so much laden in her heart for us to start manifesting the ministry and that God delivered so much ideas and messages within few hours, she wrote many pages and concepts drawn up. This confirmed to me that the time is Now, hence we started to run with the vision.

CEMAFAM Prayer Hour

Key Point About Marriage

A Christ centered marriage and homes give birth to the following:
  • More people love for God leading to increasing salvation of souls
  • Increase in love for the marriage institution leading to more people getting married
  • God fearing children
  • Reduction in broken homes
  • Reduction in children going into substance misuse
  • Reduction in violence
  • Depopulation of prisons
  • More productivity at work places
  • Reduction in sickness absences
  • Many more uncountable benefits

The Ambassadors

CEMAFAM Ambassadors are available 24/7 to counsel, coach, and offer any form of help at your request…

(They are men and women of integrity entering into a covenant to serve God in the area of being a blessing to people’s marriages, families and relationships)

-Ensure the vision and the Ministry’s principles are followed

-Organise and host meetings for the area- two monthly

-Ensure continuous growth in the area

– Recommend programs that will empower the champions

-Coordinate the area’s activities in a way that will allow for openness


-Lead by example (integrity, dignity, hospitable etc)

-Regular celebration of testimonies

-Other roles that may be assigned


Mr & Mrs. Pekeleke

London, UK Tel: +447776056962 +447901952908
Email: info@cemafam.org


Mr & Mrs. Egbe

Copenhagen, DENMARK Tel: +447427621196 +4521799109 +4542219948 Email: info@cemafam.org


Mr & Mrs. Pewing

Virginia, USA Tel: +17036559096 +14056511064
Email: info@cemafam.org


Mr & Mrs. Aboubakir

Yaounde, CAMEROON Tel: +237755573060 +237677980981 +237698733652
Email: info@cemafam.org