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Message by Pastor Anthony Emmanuel

There are two forces that operates in this world or on earth viz
The Forces of God and
The Forces of Evil
The two forces function or operate in opposition to each other. While one force operates on the truth the other operates on lies while one gives life the other stifle life off you
Unfortunately, we all have a choice of the force we want to operate in our lives. Also in the same vein, none of the forces can force its way unto us. You cannot choose to be in the middle of these two forces. Joshua 24 vs 14 – “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve —–”
Malachi 3 vs 17 – And there will be a discernment between those that serve Him and those that serve Him not
2 occassions we confess that choice is the day we gave our life to Christ (salvation) and on the altar on the day we all get married is another day of confession and showing of choice that we are in God’s camp. While you are say saying “Yes I do” to your husband, you are also automatically saying “Yes I do” to God.

Now a word of advice to the singles, while in relationship or still courting you begin to monitor and observe the actions and utterances of the person you are going out with. I am talking of both the man and the woman. It should not be only the prerogative of the woman that will be chasing and following up the man – not dong this on the foundation of “I don’t trust him or her” that you will now be phoning with 100 missed calls that becomes a harassment. Such is not a solid foundation. I am talking about subtle checking on information giving to you and finding out that something is not right. For example – when still dating my wife I am privilege to know her programmes / activities. I know when she is at a programme in church and when she finishes work. What I do is once in a while I call using the time frame I know she should be at home. When you do this and the other person is always found giving excuses or reasons every time that he/she is not ——–, then signs of unreliability begins to show. And you begin to find partners lying and trying to defend their lies. At that stage you need to begin to reassess the relationship as to which of the forces the person is under. It is not possible for the two-opposing camp to unite or be married. Why? The forces you are under coordinates your life and what happens in your home.

This is not to say that there are not situations when people get married working under the force of God and the force of evil not try to start tempting one of the spouses gradually into its camp. When this start happening you are never blindfolded, you will notice it. Please my sisters and brothers, you speak out quickly (not in anger) but as subtle as the issue is creeping in, you call your spouse to tell of your observation. This is for amendment to be able to be made quickly. Our father in the faith used to say “A closed mouth is a closed destiny”. Some marital destiny have been destroyed by broken homes due to the spouse
just keeping quiet, believing he/she will change but rather the person goes deeper and farther into the other camp
The Bible says in Luke 10 vs 19- “I have given you power to tread upon serpent and scorpion and nothing will by no means hurt you” this is the “Empowerment” we will be talking about. When two believers are involved in a relationship or are married, the fundamental power in relation to the covenant is already released / delivered to them. It is now for us to start using the arsenals available in the camp. The bible says two very profound statement in Matthew 16 vs 18 “ And I will build my church ———” Do we know that we are the church and not the building. That is why He says our body is the temple of God. The 2nd statement Matthew 18 vs 20 “ where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name there I am in the midst of them”. These are very 2 fundamental principles that marriage and relationship and homes operates to flourish. Jeremiah 29 vs 11 “ For I know the thoughts that I think towards you saith the Lord thoughts of peace—-. Also 3 John vs 2 “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper ——–” .

• The intension of God is for marriages and relationship to flourish and continually move forward. That is why every creation is made or design – for example the eyes, nose, feet etc to operate in a forward manner. Therefore, naturally every union or relationship should be flourishing i.e moving forward. We have all being given that power or all being empowered on equal measure to flourish. The way we now use the power is what differs or our understanding of the level of power or empowerment that resides in us to accomplish all that we desire in our marriage and relationship. A marriage that is flourishing will have the following :
• Fruitfulness,
• Peace, John 14 vs 27
• joy,
• Finance & prosperity,
• romance,
• honesty,
• trust,
• good sexual relationship,
• respect . This is where most of us African men is found wanton. Explain about God bringing Adam a helper. A helper is always stronger, resilient, etc

Things to do to

Things to do to continually continually to to enjoy that empowermentenjoy that empowerment anand d consequently flourishingconsequently flourishing
1. Prayer- A family that prays together stays together
2. Spending time together will improve communication and constructive communication is like food to relation . For example in the garden of Eden, God comes down in fellowship with Adam before creation of Eve. It emphasises the importance of spending to time together. Some bible scholars even said that if Adam had been with Eve, we wont have been in the position we are today.

Points of note

There is the law of seed time and harvest. What you sow is what you reap. For a marriage or relationship to flourish there must be something deposited or sown.
Everything working is because there are people working behind to make it work. A system not empowered is a system that fails. The same with a man or woman not empowered is one that can fail. We can relate it to our environment. How do you feel when there is no power or light i.e in the general context what we call electricity, to some the effect is stand still, to some things can still work but very slowly, some it can lead to death. Even before creation that is why God brought light first. That is power taking the lead before creation now started
If you fake it you wont make it
Philemon 1 vs 4- God said without your mind I can do nothing

As a man thinketh in his heart so is he. The success or strength of your marriage is determined by you. If you see successful marriage or relationship no matter your union will be successful. For example Joshua and Caleb saw successful entry into the promised land among the 12, and indeed the two entered,
Abraham saw as well and he became exactly what he saw
Look at Joseph he saw himself on top did he succeed or not even in the midst of challenges to thwart the destiny
Why is it so ; The tower of Babel sums it up.

Limitations / Hindrances to Flourishing or Empowerment
1. Bad Association. Amos 3 vs 3
2. Bitterness leading to no joy (Deuteronomy 28 vs 47-48, Habbakuk 3vs17, Joel 1 vs 12), lack of peace, consequently death
Until our mind changes things will not change. Until you align with God’s way of thinking, God’s desire may not be accomplished. Matthew 12:33-35. Proverbs 23:7
Your mindset determines you life set. Genesis 11vs 6
Philemon 1 vs 14: God cannot do anything without your mind. Let’s look at the story of the tower of Babel.


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