God is ever faithful and never fails

Prayer is the master key to open any door you desire regarding your marriage and relationships.

CEMAFAM Prayer Hour


A house is built but a home is made. A house can be given as a gift without no input from you. A home is only made by you and your spouse and subsequently your children / families. God is the architect . We all know the role of an architect. He is the master planner, Whatever the labourers are putting up, it must be in line with the architect draws. Architect don’t compromise their concept or plan. Jeremiah 1 vs 5. Therefore no matter how we go about our union or relationship. Let us be sure it is in line with God’s concept for that particular union.

Each couples have different capacity and capability which we are all aware of therefore you cannot copy or imitate your colleagues , friends or even family. Each Union is designed to be progressive and full of joy.


The intension of God is for marriages and relationship to flourish and continually move forward. That is why every creation is made or design – for example the eyes, nose, feet etc to operate in a forward manner. Therefore, naturally every union or relationship should be flourishing i.e moving forward. We have all being given that power or all being empowered on equal measure to flourish. The way we now use the power is what differs or our understanding of the level of power or empowerment that resides in us to accomplish all that we desire in our marriage and relationship.