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A house is built but a home is made. A house can be given as a gift without no input from you. A home is only made by you and your spouse and subsequently your children / families.

Let me go back to the garden of Eden, Adam do not have a part in the choice of the garden which is likened to the house, but he was given the mandate to keep it which is likened to a home. Keeping it is now premise on how he wants to go about it. It becomes Adam prerogative. God has given all of us that prerogative to make our homes the way we want. E.G use the colleague at work. GM

God is the architect . We all know the role of an architect.

He is the master planner, Whatever the labourers are putting up, it must be in line with the architect draws. Architect don’t compromise their concept or plan. Jeremiah 1 vs 5. Therefore no matter how we go about our union or relationship. Let us be sure it is in line with God’s concept for that particular union.

Each couples have different capacity and capability which we are all aware of therefore you cannot copy or imitate your colleagues , friends or even family. Each Union is designed to be progressive and full of joy. Whenever we realise, some of the ingredients that makes a union progressive is lacking we need to re-appraise and step back a bit

Lets highlight and relate it to the subject

Psalm 127 vs 1- except the Lord builds the house ———

What does it take to build a house and to make a home in relation to marriage and relationship

You can see a house but you don’t only see a home , you feel it

Have you visited a family and you enter the house, very good and lovely. Very accommodating and the occupier either both spouses or one of the spouses try as much as they can in their hospitality but you can still perceive that something is not right even without the host telling you anything.

Houses can easily be seen or assessed but home is a bit more challenging. And majority of problems affecting marriages and relationships is not from the house perspective but from the home’s.

Let us take a house as our physical frames. God gives none of us a choice but created us as He desires or in relation to His choice that is why some are tall or short or light skinned or dark skinned or caucusian or whatever. But now gave us the choice to go for what we desire or want

It is now those desire that influences our choices. While at the same time accumulate over a period to influence the way we make our homes or input into the kind of home we have.

We need to be guided as majority believes that now I am this or that / grown up and can journey through life independently. Ezra 8 vs 21-23. And Ezra proclaim a fast to seek from God guidance for the right way for us, the little ones and all our substance. Our loving God gives us so much independence that He will just be looking at us when we decide to go far from Him, to continue. Unfortunately most of us don’t quickly realise how far we have gone from Him until a big gap-hole is already created in our homes . This is also applicable with the singles. Every package of blessings from God comes with what you need to do to get the delivery.

We have all heard about the statement – as you lay your bed, so you lie on it. No one will come to make your home for you.

INGREDIENTS to build a home. First we need to understand that it is impossible for a home to be built by one person, there must be a helper. Same in marriage it takes the two to input their all : Not only the best. In marriage you don’t put your best, you put your all.

Faithfulness & Dedication: involves your feeling and the commitment that you will still give all even if your spouse is not changing or presenting what you want at any particular time

Communication—Romance / sexual  —Peace——Finance —-Joy–Trust–Honesty etc

Two biggest sinker of marriage / relationship or homes in general is

Adultery and bad association. Type of friends you sit with determines your seat

These two also has link to the garden of Eden. This is the genesis of marital challenges / tribulation.

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