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God is ever faithful and never fails Prayer is the master key to open any door you desire regarding your marriage and …

A house is built but a home is made. A house can be given as a gift without no input from you. A home is only made by you and your spouse and subsequently your children / families. God is the architect . We all know the role of an architect. He is the master planner, Whatever the labourers are putting up, it must be in line with the architect draws. Architect don’t compromise their concept or plan. Jeremiah 1 vs 5. Therefore no matter how we go about our union or relationship. Let us be sure it is in line with God’s concept for that particular union. Each couples have different capacity and capability which we are all aware of therefore you cannot copy or imitate your colleagues , friends or even family. Each Union is designed to be progressive and full of joy.

The intension of God is for marriages and relationship to flourish and continually move forward. That is why every creation is made or design – for example the eyes, nose, feet etc to operate in a forward manner. Therefore, naturally every union or relationship should be flourishing i.e moving forward. We have all being given that power or all being empowered on equal measure to flourish. The way we now use the power is what differs or our understanding of the level of power or empowerment that resides in us to accomplish all that we desire in our marriage and relationship.

Agreement is the switch for any light to come on in a home or relationship. And when it is on darkness disappears. Analogy of Agreement compares to the black and red cable that requires connection to generate power. Without the two coming together they are powerless, the moment they connect they can burn or electrocute anything.. The power of agreement is one of the most important themes we find in the bible. This is particularly true when it comes to marriage. Words like “agreement”, “unity”, “oneness”, “being one” and “covenant”, are meant to convey powerful word pictures to encourage us to choose this blessed way of alignment for ourselves. Jesus himself through the entirety of John 17 fervently prays that oneness would be a reality in the lives of all that would follow after him.

Beautiful retreat, good interaction. Food very poor but hotel is fantastic Great programme, Need more time for discussions in the separate workshop, Excellent delivery by Rev. Jesse Song. Looking forward to the August programme, African food at the gala nite will add colour, great efforts by the organisers, keep it up - Ajadis

Thanksgiving is defined as expression of gratitude. The difference between the secular / unbelievers and believers are that the secular / unbeliever give thanks when something is given but a believer is expected to give thanks in everything. This should be applied in our marriage, relationship and home.

Grace means God in the RACE. And when God is in the race you are guaranteed to finish well. When God is in the race it is impossible for the race to be terminated along the line or in-between. Grace is defined by Bible scholar as “unmerited favour”. Let us use the story of Esther. She brought God into the race by the counsel of Mordecai and even went on a fast – Esther 4. God’s presence with Esther resulted in divine favour and ended with her union to the King. Lots of other testimonies attached to the story.